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MAA Math Club in a Box

Ever wonder what math clubs at other institutions are doing? This site will help you find out, as well as let you share your best ideas for keeping math club meetings fresh and fun.


Pi-athlon at St Lawrence University

Have students attempt to complete exactly Pi-events in your Pi-Day Pi-athlon.


Events for Math Awareness Week

Host a sequence of events to celebrate Math Awareness Week!



A weekly Math Tea can be a great way to interact socially with students. But what mathematical events can one do (especially if your tea meets every week)?  See this page for some suggestions.


Lecture Series

The University of Texas at Tyler holds an interdisciplinary lecture series.


Math Bingo  

Ask students to solve problems, mark spaces, and win prizes at a Math Bingo event at your school!


Amazing Mathematical Race

Have student and non-students complete challenges to finish this Amazing Race!


Students and Professors InteRacting and Learning

Mathematical Balderdash

Try to fool your fellow students with fake definitions for mathematical terms or facts about famous mathematicians.

Math Tea

Hour-long activities for students and faculty: games and puzzles, problem-solving, recreational mathematics, special holiday activities.

Money Talks

An evening teach-in for undergraduate students on financial matters that directly affect their lives.

A Pi Day Celebration

Raise money for charity by pie-ing your math professors.

Math Jeopardy



Want to submit your own virtual box for possible publication on the "MAA Math Club in a Box" site?










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