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A Pi Day Celebration

Page history last edited by Betty Mayfield 14 years, 5 months ago

Contact: Roland Minton

Roanoke College




Increase awareness of mathematics, highlight interactions between students and faculty, raise money for charity, and have lots of fun with a Pi Your Professor activity.


Before the event: Students solicit faculty members and administrators (we got the college president to participate!) to be willing to be pied with whipped cream pies. Decide what charity you would like to support (our club has donated money to organizations addressing muscular dystrophy and Darfur). Advertise your event on campus.


On Pi Day (3.14 ): Set up tables and chairs -- outdoors if possible. Provide plastic sheets or garbage bags to serve as bibs. Assemble whipped cream pies. Contestants buy tickets for a chance to pie a professor. Be sure to bring a camera!


What we will do differently next time:

One of the lessons learned was that whipped cream starts to smell bad after a short time, so we recommend Cool Whip.





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